If there is one player who likes chirping about the Patriots it is Terrell Suggs. We hadn't heard from him since he threw salt in the wounds following the team's playoff loss to the Ravens. That one was tough because there wasn't much Pats fans could say in response. Now Suggs is chiming in on the recent Robert Kraft/Vladimir Putin Super Bowl ring debacle.

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was exiting a nightclub in Los Angeles this weekend and was questioned by paparazzi about Kraft’s stolen ring story. Suggs said he would “get it right back” and when the paparazzi reporter retorted that Putin was a “scary guy,” Suggs said he, too, knew a lot of “scary” guys.
Vladimir Putin is a beast

Suggs asserting that him and his crew could rough up Putin and get a ring back is a bold statement to say the least. Apparently he doesn't know Putin is the manliest man in the history of men. To list some of his feats of strength (these are all true), Vladimir Putin has:

- Flown military jets
- Is a martial arts master
- Has swam bare-chested in a Siberian river in the winter
- Ventured to the depths of the world's deepest lake in a submersible
- Sedated tigers and polar bears with a tranquilizer gun
- Been unanimously voted a member of the Hells Angels and given the nickname Abaddon
- Flown a firefighting jet
- Shot an arrow into a whale from a rubber boat
- Explored the ancient underwater Greek Colony of Phanagoria
- Guided endangered birds on their early migration patterns by flying near them on a hang glider

So to summarize Putin is an absolute boss. Suggs is going to need a tank and army if he wants to get any sort of prized possession back from this dude. Putin is tougher than the toughest dude in the NFL, and then some. And he is literally the "Most Interesting Man in the World." Except he's real. Very, very real.

Good luck Terrell.


Liam Cunningham 6/19/2013 08:04:00 PM Edit

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