Even when the New England Patriots are signing a third string Quarterback, they can still embarrass the New York Jets.

Yes, after the numbers have been crunched, it turns out Tim Tebow will cost the Jets more in 2013 than he'll cost the Pats in both 2013 and 2014. Here's the eventual conclusion of Yahoo Sports after their calculations.

Tebow currently has a $755,000 cap charge in 2014 ($730,000 base salary plus a $25,000 workout bonus), so overall, the Jets will spend just around $140,000 more on him this season than the Patriots are currently scheduled to spend on Tebow over the next two seasons.

If you're still desperately seeking a positive about the Tebow move, then perhaps this is the one. We're showing how much better we can handle Tebowmania than Rex Ryan - yet another way Bill Belichick can show his superiority. Which I'm totally sure was his priority when he signed Tebow. He certainly wasn't thinking about having a QB behind Tom Brady with proper NFL experience or picking up a player who can create even more mismatches for defenses to think about...

That's besides the point. The point is, the Jets are an idiotic organization, who spent way too much on a Punt Protecter who also did a bit of Quarterbacking... Let that point be true for years to come.

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Brendan Annely 6/17/2013 12:13:00 PM Edit

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