A lot of evidence had been revealed to the press late yesterday and gives some troubling insights into the case against Aaron Hernandez. It appears that the former Patriots tight end was indeed the man who pulled the trigger, killing his "friend" Odin Lloyd. The murder was apparently because Lloyd had been associating with some of Hernandez's enemies. Some of the evidence also links Hernandez to a double homicide which occurred in July of last year.

We already heard most of the evidence at Hernandez's arraignment, but what we hadn't heard was what Carlos Ortiz - who was riding in the car - told investigators.

Prosecutors say Hernandez, Wallace and Ortiz drove with Lloyd in a rented Nissan Altima to the industrial park where Lloyd was fatally shot.

Ortiz told police that during the drive Hernandez told Lloyd that Lloyd had been "chilling" with people Hernandez had problems with, the documents say. But Ortiz told police the two men shook hands and the problem seemed smoothed over. However, the Altima soon stopped, and everyone but Ortiz got out to urinate, according to Ortiz's account.

The witness told police he then heard gunshots before Hernandez and Wallace got back into the car without Lloyd and the car sped away.

Ortiz said he couldn't see who fired the shots because it was dark. Back at Hernandez's home, Ortiz said, Wallace asked him to get a small gun out from under the driver's seat. Ortiz said he did and gave it to Hernandez once they were inside.

Ortiz said he then went to sleep. When he woke up in the afternoon, according to his account, the three men returned the Altima and rented a Chrysler 300 before returning to Hernandez's home. Ortiz and Wallace then went to an apartment in the area that Hernandez and other football players used. Wallace let Ortiz in before leaving for a long time, the documents say. The two then drove to Bristol. Ortiz told police Wallace said Hernandez shot Lloyd.

There are a lot of Patriots "fans" still clinging to the belief that Hernandez is innocent, but based on the evidence being presented to the public by the prosecution, it would appear that any reasonable doubt of his guilt should go out the window. At the arraignment, some very strong circumstantial evidence was presented against Hernandez but Ortiz's testimony would bring things far beyond just circumstantial.

Ortiz does have a criminal past, and the question now becomes how reliable his testimony is. This is likely to take up a large portion of the trial. If you're to take him at his word though, it looks bad.

The police seized a rifle, ammo and video surveillance footage from Hernandez's home, they also took items that the Patriots cleared out from Hernandez's locker. Lloyd's body was found with car keys to a vehicle rented in Hernandez's name. Another vehicle was found at Hernandez's home that has been linked to the 2012 double homicide.

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