New draft pick Aaron Dobson impressed all the spectators in the second practice of this young season grabbing two of what are circus catches to most, but just another catch in the day of the Marshall wide receiver.

When asked about the increased looks Brady sent Dobson’s way, Aaron Dobson responded by saying “You’ve gotta come in, and you’ve gotta learn, and you’ve gotta make him trust you.” (talking about Tom Brady) “You’ve got to be accountable for what you do, so I mean, it’s a tough transition, but you’ve just got to improve every day."

“The receiver and quarterback always gotta be on the same page. We can’t be off page. That’s when overthrown passes, things like that, someone might run some wrong routes, so we always gotta be in communication.” said young Aaron Dobson.

Aaron Dobson is showing many people his skill working along the sidelines, strong hands and excellent body control. Though many times the Patriots haven’t selected great receivers, there is a chatter in Boston media circles that this kid could be the real deal.

He’s 6’2, 210 pounds of muscle and skill and if he can stay healthy, he has the ability to really grow with a Tom Brady that is motivated to win fast. It’s a real advantage for a young receiver in this league to have Tom Brady working with you because he can make the meek look great and the great look unstoppable. Dobson’s first four years in the league will likely be spent catching passes from Tom Brady. What more could you want while developing into the next best receiver?

When the Patriots released Donald Jones earlier last week, I knew it was probably because they were really liking what they were seeing out of Dobson and Josh Boyce. Dobson is built like the new age of exceptional wide receivers that are almost as big and strong as tight ends, but as fast as any wide receivers in history.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 7/29/2013 10:56:00 AM Edit

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