Good news for the Ravens, Giants, Raiders, and Eagles: Von Miller will be suspended for the first four games of the NFL regular season for violating the NFL drug policy, maybe.

USA Today reporter Lindsay Jones says "Miller tested positive for Marijuana and amphetamines". The Denver Broncos are keeping quiet and are citing confidentiality agreements. Miller is not officially suspended because he is appealing the decision and suspensions are announced after the appeals process is concluded. Von Miller went to twitter claiming his innocence and Von Miller also said "he did nothing wrong".

On top of Miller facing possible suspension the Broncos lost Elvis Dumervil to a fax malfunction and have just cut Joe Mays who has started 21 games at linebacker over the past two seasons. The Broncos two executives Tom Heckert (Former Browns GM) and Matt Russell were recently arrested for drunk driving as well.

For the AFC and the NFL this is good. This suspension may lead the Broncos to losing against Baltimore in the season opener. With no pass rush the Ravens, Giants and Eagles can all slip by the Broncos and Denver will have a 1-3 or 2-2 record before Miller returns which helps the Patriots as long as they keep focused. Miller is the Jerod Mayo of the Broncos Defense without him there is a weak and vulnerable Broncos.One thing Broncos fans can cheer about is that at least Von Miller isn't accused of murder...

-- Ian Kea

Ian Kea 7/23/2013 02:35:00 PM Edit

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