In 2011 Aaron Hernandez, the Patriots former, now incarcerated tight end was a 20 year old rookie. He was the youngest player on an NFL roster that year but still had an impact as we all know. In week 15 though of 2011, video shows that Tim Tebow who was the starting Quarterback for the Broncos at the time (still makes me laugh, the words; Tebow and Starter) after being thrashed by the Patriots at Denver was concerned about Hernandez and even the outspoken twitter rampant linebacker, former Gator, and current OTA skipper, Brandon Spikes. Both of who, were his teammates at the University of Florida. When Brady in the video approaches Tebow after the game he says " I'm trying to watch over Aaron and Brandon" and Tebow responds "I appreciate that, too man. They're good guys".
    We all know that Aaron Hernandez could have been a higher draft pick than in the fourth round if he hadn't of been a constant marijuana user in college. But is there more than drugs to Hernandez's past? Yes. When Hernandez was just 17 and had just enrolled at the University of Florida, he was pulled in for questioning related to a murder. Later that year he was pulled in again for an altercation at a local bar in Gainesville, FL called "The
Swamp". Hernandez got out of that one when he was given a deferred prosecution. There are also confirmed reports that Tebow held back Hernandez at a bar when a fight broke out. We all know Tim Tebow, "the second son" is a caring person but he did show much concern for Hernandez immediately after entering the NFL and that concern showed true as we all know. Belichick has taken chances on players before but is there another Patriots player he has taken a chance on who may blow up in his face again? That is the question we all fear but must realize.

-- Ian Kea @keachristophe

Ian Kea 7/23/2013 11:22:00 AM Edit

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