Just yell at the TV for a minute or two, maybe shed a tear and get on with your life. 

This is preseason and we must all remember that fact no matter the outcome of the game. But let's remember there is a reason we have preseason games which is to evaluate, correct, guide and unfortunately cut some players short of their dreams. 

One thing I remember about the 2011 Patriots is that the Pats had a running back that wouldn't fumble.That running back was Ben-Jarvis Green Ellis (The Law Firm, I miss that nickname). The Law firm was consistent in New England and put up the numbers he needed to. That is now in the past but for the Patriots current running backs they need to learn from the Law Firm's example in New England. 

The Patriots are huge emphasizers of ball protection and when you turn it over on the field you are a liability for the team. Tonight Brandon Bolden, Shane Vereen and Zach Sudfeld, were liabilities that costs the Patriots the game. Brandon Bolden is a veteran but also not a rookie and is no lock for this roster now after his fumble. The Patriots don't trust guys who fumble, just look at Stevan Ridley after the Broncos postseason game in 2011 he was basically in exile almost. The Pats won't take this lightly.

After tonight even though both LaGarette Blount and Brandon Bolden were not their best, Blount didn't fumble and he did mediocrely lead the team in rushing tonight. Look for Bolden to be among the first cut soon. 

Sudfeld's fumble was critical not just because he couldn't take a hit after he caught the ball but also because he fumbled it near the red zone and gave away a golden opportunity. Sudfeld is a rookie but he needs to act on and off the field with his play and behavior like a consistent veteran. Zach attack needs to get the ball security down and from there he will be golden.

Shane Vereen's fumble was forgivable but he knows better and he and the rest of the offense need to practice ball security like no other. The O-Line though was mediocre tonight on the other hand.

Don't be surprised if you see a running back, a receiver and multiple offensive linemen become some of the first cuts. On a positive note the last time the Pats played the Lions in the preseason they were killed but they made the Super Bowl that year. 

Just remember Patriot Nation: In Bill We Trust. 

--Ian Kea

Ian Kea 8/22/2013 11:44:00 PM Edit

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