Patriots QB Tom Brady was on WEEI today discussing everything from the rookies, the preseason to the injury he had last Friday. He started off the interview by being asked if he is amused of confused by people when they make such a big deal of him going down in practice. Brady had one simple response: "Its the type of situation you are in, you have to expect injuries in football and it is a part of the game. But in todays world news spreads fast." Granted it is to be expected, and Brady made light out of the situation, but at the same time, the fans everywhere are expected to have the reaction they did. He is our everything at QB, we have learned that Mallet and Tebow are less then stellar replacements for Brady, and if something happens to him, we are more then in trouble. So granted, it is football and things are going to happen, but still, lets try to make sure they don't. Once Brady made sure he was alright, he responded with an interesting quote about being an athlete and what comes with it, stating that:

Being an athlete is a lifestyle decision, you cant take a short cut to get better, the work I do with coach to prepare my body to withstand what happened last week becomes a no where injury, you prepare your body for those types of things and when they happen they suck granted, but you can move past a hamstring issue, quads, and calves

After injury talk had cleared the air, it was time to focus on football. Brady, who has seen limited time at QB this offseason due to the fact that preseason is a testing time for backups, had this to say regarding the rookies and their work.

Its been fun watching the guys improve, and impress everybody in a way to come out in practice everyday and work harder and get better. The great part about football is you're going to have your chance, you're going to have your chance to be physical and get into the game

Brady even went as far as to talk about future games, specifically against Buffalo:

By the time we play buffalo we have another 3-4 weeks of practice, we’ve done good things out there, we’ve been able to do good things we just have to do them when it counts. You have an idea of how things are going to go but things happen and you have to adjust

As we have seen, the rookies are making progress, and Tebow, well lets just say he is there... If anything can be taken away from Brady's interview, it would be that the team is making progress, and they will surely be ready for the first week of the season.

- Joshua Powers

Joshua Powers 8/19/2013 11:24:00 AM Edit

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