Its been a rough 15 months for Patriots linebacker Dane Fletcher after suffering a torn ACL on August 9, 2012. In this year's preseason opener, Fletcher played 37 snaps against the Eagles in a 31-22 victory. He stayed positive on his journey back to the field, knowing the only way back was to have a good outlook:
"I just dedicated myself to stay positive, stay motivated and take as much as you possibly can out of it when you're not on the field. I probably learned a lot more about the game than I probably would have known if I was out on the field." 
Dane can give the Patriots a boost this season; obviously he's not going to start over Brandon Spikes at middle linebacker, but he could help in pass coverage, and Fletcher realizes that:
"One of my main focuses this year was to work on my pass coverage and really nail that down. I feel like I've been doing well and always room to improve."
 Bill Belichick has seen the work he's put in to get back on the field:
"While everybody else was playing, he was working hard in the weight room and rehabbing. He had a full spring to work out. Fortunately for this year, the injury occurred early last year so he had almost a full calendar year to rehab it." 
The Patriots need all the help they can get on defense and it certainly doesn't hurt to have more depth at the linebacker position. @joeloobs @patriotslife

Boston Herald

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