With today's ever growing need for the latest and greatest technology in every part of our lives, the NFL is now stepping into the light by introducing helmet cams for quarterbacks during camp. But are these cams really worth it in the long run? Also, if they are, what are the good things about having them?

The St. Louis Rams were the first team to wear a cam on the QB's and WR's, but they went with the brand new Google Glasses. The glasses, which can be seen in the video below, show how the fans can have their time in the spotlight as they see what the players on the field see.

The New England Patriots have also been wearing the camera's on Quarterback Tom Brady. When he was asked, Brady said that the glasses do give you a slight headache, but they are helpful when it comes to seeing what is going on during camp. Not only is Brady wearing one, but Mallet and Tebow are as well! NFL.com had this to say

A helmet cam provides an interesting perspective that can give coaches insight into exactly what a quarterback is seeing as he goes through his pre-snap and post-snap progressions. However, one would think it's more useful for a younger player than Tom Brady
I believe that every team should be using these cameras, not only for the quarterbacks, but also any receiver and defenseman as well. They provide a clear insight to what is going on during the play's, and gives everyone a chance to se what is being done right, and what is being done horribly wrong. These cam's are going to be the future of the NFL, whether fans like it or not. With the Google glass, coaches can send plays directly into the eyes of the players, and players can see the routes they are supposed to be run. The other cams can be used to see plays in full detail in the video room, and fix those problems.

It is outstanding that the NFL is finally getting into these camera's. Although I urge everyone to take it easy before jumping down people's throats. As with any technology, it will take time to perfect and that includes the NFL.

But that time will come...

- Joshua Powers

Joshua Powers 8/01/2013 12:51:00 AM Edit

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