Though it may not have been the most surprising, the most talked about cut by the Patriots heading into Week 1 was QB Tim Tebow. After lackluster performances in games and practice, Tebow actually raised some eyebrows with a good game in the final preseason showing. However this wasn't enough, and #5 was a roster cut casualty.

It should be noted though, that the Patriots have cut players only to bring them back later in the season multiple times. Deion Branch is a prime example. Does that mean the door could still be open for Tebow? Head coach Bill Belichick isn't ruling anything out:
“I don’t know what’s going to happen during the year, but certainly we’ve had a lot of players that have left here and come back here. I don’t think that would be any ... it’s already happened multiple times this year, so.”

BB was very bland when he was asked about the team's decision to carry just two quarterbacks, somewhat of a trend that they've followed over the past few years:
“Because we thought it was the best decision to make for the team. There are a million things that go into every personnel decision. There are a lot of things that play off one another. In the end, we do what we thought was best for the team -- at every position. Every one.” 

So clearly nothing should be ruled out, but at the same time it is hard to imagine a situation where the Patriots are desperate to find another quarterback *knock on wood*. Tebow would be a great scout player in case the Pats were to face a mobile quarterback in an upcoming game. Could they also sign him again next offseason to try and continue his development as a quarterback? Possibly. Though there may not be many options for Tim Tebow, the possibilities of what could happen in the future are bountiful.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 9/02/2013 07:58:00 PM Edit

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