Well, we already knew the camera loved him
We heard earlier this month that former Patriots receiver Brandon Lloyd had turned down multiple offers to return to football, including conflicting reports on whether the Patriots were one of the teams interested. Regardless, we now know that Lloyd had bigger, more pressing matters to deal with.

Killing zombies.

That's right, killing zombies. Lloyd will co-star with Daniel Baldwin (yes, Alec and Stephen's brother) in the upcoming, straight to DVD film "After Effect." Appropriately enough, Lloyd is cast as Sargent Chuck Lloyd. Hopefully, Sargent Lloyd is at good at dodging zombies as his football-playing alter-ego was at avoiding contact after the catch.

According to the film's IMDb page, the plot is about college students who sign up for a study, only to become unknowingly caught up in a nefarious military experiment. In other words, it sounds like every crappy B-movie ever made.

"After Effect" will be in the bargain bin of Walmarts everywhere October 8. Here's a sneak preview.

Ned Brady 9/17/2013 04:17:00 PM Edit

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