Through 3 games of the regular season Tom Brady's stats could be described as underwhelming considering the high bar he has set for himself.  A completion percentage of 57.5%, 698 yards with 5 TD's and 2 Int's are simply not Brady-like.  However, this season, the entire offense is also not Patriots-like.  With the truth in numbers and most of the media starting to question Brady's abilities at the old age of 36, is there real reason to worry about Tom and this offense?

The boys on Comcast Sports Net seem to think there is cause for concern although they may say it's not time to panic just yet.  Ron Borges does not see the Brady of old

"I thought this was a game where the mistakes were more about him than his receivers. He had two receivers open deep down the field, the play everybody saw. The way that play was designed, both those guys were supposed to be covered. The whole play was to the opposite way, so he didn't even really look at them, but in the past you'd think he would have found one of them.
While the interception in the end zone was a bad one the offense as a whole looked much improved over the last 3/4 of the game. That progress will need to repeat itself each week as the Patriots face stiffer competition while returning their biggest weapons from injuries.  With the integration of Rob Gronkowski and eventually Danny Amendola as well as Shane Vereen, Tom Brady's stats will begin to resemble the usual production from # 12.

While Mike Felger may be bringing up possible concern over Brady's age, a thing to remember is that Peyton Manning is actually a year older and only 2 years removed from a major nerve surgery in his neck. Nobody at the moment can question Peyton's performance on the field but his receiving core vastly overshadows what Tom Brady has at the moment, and frankly equals anything Brady has ever had. Still, both of their teams find themselves at 3-0 despite taking different paths to it. Paths that both QB's find familiar for themselves.

The way this season has started to unfold it is becoming eerily similar to the ways the Patriots won their Super Bowls over 10 years ago. In those seasons they won games 17-6, 9-3, 12-0 twice, 17-16, 10-3.  They also had blowouts putting up over 30 points just as this offense will eventually have those games. Through three games, playing wit just about 2/3's of an entire team the Patriots are still improving and recovering while being 3-0 and that stat is the only number that Tom Brady cares about.

Frank Cypriano

Frank Cypriano 9/24/2013 03:09:00 PM Edit

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