There has been much speculation leading into tomorrow's Sunday night game that it could be the return of star Tight End Rob Gronkowski. Not if Gronk has a say in it though.

According to the Boston Herald's Jeff Howe, Gronk's camp and the Patriots have some differing views on how ready the tight end is to play.

Boston Herald:
Tight end Rob Gronkowski and the Patriots have a disagreement over his availability for tomorrow's game against the Falcons, two sources have told the Herald.

The Patriots believe Gronkowski is healthy enough to make his season debut after an offseason that included back surgery and a series of arm procedures. However, Gronkowski and his camp are wary about returning too soon, particularly after last season when he broke his forearm and then re-injured it when he returned for the playoffs.

It's not surprising to hear Gronk's side wanting him to sit out longer. It aligns pretty well with what most fans believe, preserve Gronkowski in the beginning of the season, and have him ready for the final stretch and the playoffs.

According to Howe, the Patriots wanted Gronk to come back as early as Week 2, but the tight end's camp has disagreed. Week 2 would've been way too early in my opinion, even Week 4 might be pushing things. Also remember, he needs to be mentally ready as much as physically.

Even if Gronk doesn't return to the field until Week 5 or 6, the practice time he's getting is incredibly valuable to have him ready to go for when his season does start.

Michael Saver 9/28/2013 11:18:00 AM Edit

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