Jets fans were not happy with this one. The Patriots were low hanging fruit with all the drops, miscommunication and horrible execution on offense. However, the Jets made enough mistakes themselves to hand the game over to the Pats. Jets fans were understandably hard on their receivers, who kept dropping the ball. Mostly they were just frustrated with some dumb coaching mistakes and interceptions. Enjoy!

Top Three:

maybe we can still win. . . who am i kidding. we suck.

These patriots 3 and outs are making me horny.

Pats corners catch better than our wideouts.

Comment that makes me happy I'm not a Jets fan

WTF? Only the Jets can send 11 guys to block a punt and get nowhere near the darned punter!!!

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I expect to lose, but if we can consistently rattle Brady, who knows?

This is actually a perfect scenario for us. Patriots managed to beat the Bills so it isn't a "must win" game for them, but they did so in an unimpressive manner. They are coming into this game weakened (hopefully without Gronk) and Tom Brady was definitely shook up throughout because of the pass rush. As long as we can match the pass rush by the Pats, we have a (miniscule) shot. Also, Geno is gonna be more confident than ever.

Vereen out, Gronk out, Amendola slowed (groin), Hernandez jailed. They're weak right now, time to strike.

Bill Belichick is a cyborg from the future like in those terminator movies or he's skeletors cousin. Lol

smith to Spadola.....this miserable franchise version of montana to rice.

Maybe so, but the NE fans will be awfully jealous to find out that there's yet another white WR out there who's not on their roster.

the same old jets better not show up

When Alex Flanagan says weapons, I believe her.

Come on Cro. You've got kids to feed.

Every defender on the field bit on that. morons

I seriously hate Brady

That is absolutely embarrassing.

They score in 4 minute's without solid starter's.... ******* great.

Hill falls down on the first play. Geno terrible throw on third down...ugh...blow out city coming

I'm so scared....

maybe we can still win. . . who am i kidding. we suck.

Hill is beyond bad. You guys think we can trade him for Sanchez, for when Sanchez ends up on another team?

Must be nice being belichek. Just don't practice and let the jets implode

I guess it is that hard to bring the ball to the body. The defender did nothing to strip the ball. amazingly, we always find a way to embarrass ourselves.

Tell us what to do, Bill.

Best receiver on the field is the guy we should have found a way to get in last draft -- Dobson.

if Vince Wilfolk was running at me, I'd cry.

lol. 1 run and Ivory is baby Jesus now. You guys are hilarious. Make up your minds.

WTF these guys can't hold onto the freaking football.


We scored!!!!




Pressure to brady will turn him into a pussy. keep it up.

These patriots 3 and outs are making me horny.

It would be nice if some of the other young guys on the team (e.g., Hill) would prove not to completely suck ass.

even the patriots ride the patriots dick..

Rex needs to get himself kicked out of this game right now.

LMFAO. This ******* team is so retarded.

Thankfully, so are the Patriots players. That moron saved the Jets asses there.

Well, I guess Wilson can't fumble a return if he's gone AWOL.

Kyle Wilson apparently forgot Jeremy Kerley wasn't playing

It was like a fake FG attempt. But we faked the punt return. Totally fooled everybody.

We do like to be the laughing stocks whenever on prime time.

Pats' whole game is one crazy blown coverage, some awful ref calls, and a bunch of Jets coughing up the football.

Does Hill have any f*cking clue where the first down marker is?

Ducasse on Wilfork and you haven't heard Wilfork's name YET!!!

When was the last time we saw a good executed screen pass. It been years.


Can we cut Hill and Gates mid game?

****, how many drops is this team going to have.

Put spidola in ....wtf they suck donky dk

Spadola time is right!

Is our receivers not used to catching ******* balls after the Sanchez years?

I just pooped

Thank God the Pats WRs suck ass just as much as the Jets'

Jets are playing with fire here. Brady is thisclose to figuring the D out.
That said, Belichick is a dumbass for leaving the cupboard bare at the receiver position. F*cking egomaniac.

Edelman is one of the few people in this league that I would like to see split in half by a tackle.

Blame the sh*tty throw, Tom.

oooo Toms got some sand in his vajajay!!!!!

Love watching Brady get frustrated

Man this is some ball-licking Mayock is giving Belichick tonight.

Tom Lady

Edelman is a little bitch. He already was bobbling the ball, great play by Lankster, unfortunately they couldn't get it.

Mayock said Geno should had trust Hill on the slant. lol

How the **** are people getting so wide open??

Brady is off tonight, ******* love it

Dobson ironically is the difference, but also why we are still in it

don't like to see your 1st rd pick getting beat like that. kyle wilson part deaux

Undrafted receiver vs number 9 overall pick , who wins ? #undft

Shanked!! Yeahhh

just call the game now... leave on a high note!! get on the plane... start the SNY show.. call it a night!!

A few things:

1. The Jets aren't scoring an important TD.
2. Brady is killing his receivers right now, and they'll come out ready to shred the second half. Edelman will have 8 grabs over the next two quarters.
3. Love Geno Smith. Idzik stole him.
4. Add Marqise Lee and Jimmy Graham to this offense and its go time. Maybe Bevell brings Golden Tate, too.
5. This game will end 37-10 Pats.

Despiiiiiiiiiiise Bruschi.

can someone confirm a jet wr made a catch... Ive had a few white russians

Sheldon gets me really excited - hopefully he gets to pop Brady hard in this game!

Why the f*ck are we not returning punts?

WTF? Only the Jets can send 11 guys to block a punt and get nowhere near the darned punter!!!

Ducasse > Wilfork

wilson is an embarrassment to this team and that is saying something.

Announcers are so sad Brady doesnt have 300 yards and 3 TDS

No receiver in this game except Edelman has come to play (for either team).

The team whose receivers suck less will win the game.

Hey Rex you cannot send the house every ******* play he will kill you

I've always been a big mayock fan but in all honesty I don't think he would pass up the chance to fellate Tom Brady.

I hate sports

Lol easily. Aaron Dobson and Stephen Hill are the same guy.

Ok I see for every one Clyde catch, he drops 5.

Pats corners catch better than our wideouts.

Geno's arm strength just isnt there

Pats should play Dennard and Talib at WR.

Patriot fans can slit their wrists vertical.

I wish KFC delivered

**** my life. seriously. **** my life.

Thank God we burned all our timeouts.

C'mon, you know better than that. The Jets have made some plays on D, but mostly NE has been stopping itself because with the exception of Edelman, no one else can catch the ball.

No punt returner again???

Wtf again no return guy


This whole "no returner" thing is f'n retarded. Even if you think the returner won't do anything, this pretty much guarantees the punter won't hit it into the endzone, because he can purposefully hit it shorter and let it roll along without any concern.

The bounce gave a better return than Wilson would have.

alright then... time for Geno to show the world why they should have drafted him earlier.

ok that was horrendous. before now it was forgiveable rookie jitters but that one was inexcusable

When the **** did Mark Sanchez step out onto the field?
Holy ******* sh*t.

Geno is Awsome......NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good for Mangold. **** that piece of sh*t.

**** the Pats and their dirtbag coach.

No Pats get tossed because collusion.

Hill was supoosed to run and ******* comeback and so was gates on the last play. These receivers were terrible tonight.

So they just called penalties on 3 Jets and not one on Patriots? Despite the entire Patriots roster clearing the bench and attacking the Jets?
I hope for nothing but absolute pain and misery for all of these ******* morons for the rest of their miserable ass lives.

we just lost 10 to ******* 13 are u kidding

**** you

you know why we're screwed this year? because Holmes coming off the lis frac is far and away the best WR on this team. it's not close.

Michael Saver 9/13/2013 08:21:00 PM Edit

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