Are the Patriots arguably being over-criticized even though they are undefeated? You might think that, but the players themselves seem to really believe it. With a national audience watching them last night on football's biggest stage, the Patriots wanted to send a message. After beating the Atlanta Falcons 30-23, they think that message is clear:

"It definitely feels good," cornerback Aqib Talib said. "We’ve got the whole league watching us, the whole world watching us. Everybody picked us to lose. You guys, everyone picked us to lose, so hey, it don’t get no better than that." 

AP Photo/David Goldman
An inter-conference away game may not be the most vital match-up in the team's schedule, but even though the Falcons have a losing record, there is no doubt that this was a sweet victory. The offense put the team in a position to win, while the defense officially secured the victory over a very good team with an outstanding offense (regardless of what their record says). The criticism seems to continue to pile in for the Patriots, but running back Stevan Ridley isn't phased:
"Regardless of what they say, we’re 4-0 right now, so we’re going to enjoy this win but we’ll be back to work tomorrow."
"This was a big win for us, coming into a tough atmosphere, young guys stepping up and making plays. … I think overall, our team did well. We took a step forward, and we have to keep building on that."

Every W means something in this league. With the Bills looking as though they are improving every week and the Dolphins shooting for a 4-0 start tonight, every victory for the Patriots is critical. Regardless of the distractions, injuries and criticism, this Patriots team looks determined to prove people wrong. Being the underdogs is just more motivation.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 9/30/2013 12:49:00 PM Edit

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