Before you get all aghast and stuff, note that this wasn't meant as a slight to his receivers. It's just the fact of life of working with rookies.

In a press conference today, Brady talked about working with players that are so new to the offense.

Brady detailed how he communicates with the young pass-catchers on the necessary adjustments. The adjustments are made at times, but other times they aren’t.

“Sometimes it’s what I do with my 3-year-old [son Benjamin] too, and he doesn’t listen either,” Brady said of his newfound patience level. “You try to just hang in there.”

Brady has taken on the role of leader recently, and with that comes being a teacher. Especially when nearly all of your receivers are rookies.

The Patriots offense relys on making adjustments on the fly, which puts a lot of pressure on the pass catchers to have a good rapport with Brady. He needs to know that he can trust them. So far, Danny Amendola and Kenbrell Thompkins have proved to have that understanding the most - as they sit atop the Patriots depth chart. We'll see how the success they've been able to have can translate when the regular season comes.

Many receivers have struggled to get on the same page as the quarterback in this complicated offense - Brandon Lloyd, Chad Ochocinco, Joey Galloway. Without any other options, the Patriots are turning to mainly rookies to get the job done. A lot of the responsibility of getting them up to speed does fall on Brady himself.

“You’re going over play after play after play, you can go through 70-80 plays, and when you’re holding the clicker, you just keep teaching,” he said. “It’s good to see it from the other side, from the coaching … I’m not a coach, I’m a player, but there’s teaching of things I see and we’re trying to get on the same page.”

We'll see how well the work in the off-season has paid off this Sunday in Buffalo.

Michael Saver 9/04/2013 04:08:00 PM Edit

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