Brady Hates losing, Arrington can't play, but the Colt's prepare anyway

Bill Belichick pleads his case against the refs Sunday in New York. Photo Courtesy Nancy Lane of the Boston Herald
Tom Brady sat down with WEEI and the Boston Herald this morning to talk about the loss yesterday, and here is what he had to say. When asked about the mistakes after half time, Brady responded say that it isn't just one thing.

"There’s not really one thing,It’s just a lack of overall execution in the run game, the pass game. You can’t go through quarters and do that. We have to be consistent, and we have to play consistently throughout the game. If you have quarters where you don’t really produce anything on offense, you really leave the defense out to dry with the three-and-outs that we had, certainly the interception returned for a touchdown, the three-and-out following that and the three-and-out following that. You really need to be perfect after that. We were trying. We just didn’t make enough plays to overcome our difficulties in the third quarter."

The topic was bound to come up, but when asked about the rule that possibly cost the Patriots the game, Brady had a much different answer then what was expected.

"I did know the rule,I didn’t obviously see the play or see what they called. I really haven’t seen the replay. It really shouldn’t have come down to that. We had plenty of other opportunities in the game to score points and really widen the gap that we had on them at halftime. We sputtered in the third quarter, fought back in the fourth quarter, had some chances in the end, got the ball to start overtime, so there’s nobody to blame but ourselves. It’s a frustrating day. It’s a frustrating day losing. Hopefully we can learn from it and be a lot better this week."

Even Gronkowski was in the mix, as he was targeted seventeen (17) times by Brady this past Sunday, a high for the game.

"It’s the way the game unfolded. I don’t think you’re ever going in thinking you’re targeting someone that often. He had a lot of chances, and he played his butt off. Being that it was his first game back, it was pretty good for him to go out there and have the effort that he did. It was really a credit to him and all the work that he’s put in over the course of the rehab."

CB Kyle Arrington was also in the media this morning after a very poor performance against the Jets, and Mike Reiss confirmed that he was taken out because of the problems he had early on in the game.

On a much lighter note today, the Indianapolis Colts best the Denver Bronco's yesterday at home for the first time since Peyton Manning left the team, but the sad thing is, they weren't even preparing for Manning. Nope, they were prepared for none other then Tom Brady. Credit to nikolas88 for the vine

All and all not a great day for the Patriots yesterday. But that's the thing, it already happened, so it is time to move on and get ready for the Dolphins.

- Joshua Powers