Basketball players have become a huge success in the NFL as is Antonio Gates of the San Diego Chargers and more importantly Jimmy Graham of the New Orleans Saints. 

The University of Miami product has become an NFL phenomenon at 6"7 and 265 pound this tight end can move. This week the Patriots secondary will have chewed off all their fingernails by game time preparing for Graham and the Saints offense.

For Pats fans there are three questions for the Pats matchup against the undefeated New Orleans Saints. The first being, will Graham go over 100 yards receiving? Second, will the Pats designate Graham as their "takeout" of the game player? Third and finally, will Talib be covering Graham most of the time?
The answer: no, yes and maybe. 

The Patriots defense got its first taste of an elite tight end this season at Atlanta where Gonzalez went for 147 yards and 1 touchdown. Late in the game the Pats saw how to slow him down, jam him at the line. That's exactly what the pats will do with Graham and it will throw him off along with Talib covering half the time.

 I'm predicting the Pats hold Graham down below 40 yards and 1 touchdown. Graham will not be the leading receiver for the Saints and will walk out of New England with the first taste of a loss during the 2013 season. Graham I believe is overhyped so far. He is elite though no question about it. 

Sure 37 catches for 537 yards and five touchdowns on the season is impressive but it came against the Falcons (If the Jets can beat them then...), Buccaneers, Cardinals, Dolphins and Bears. The only win from them that's impressive is that of the Dolphins at home. Beyond that the Patriots are their biggest test. 

Watch for the Belichick tricks at 4:25 PM EST Sunday in Foxborough, Mass. 


--Ian Kea 

Ian Kea 10/10/2013 05:47:00 PM Edit

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