Mike Pouncey served Grand Jury Subpoena Related to Hernandez Case after Game

via Sports Illustrated
Dolphins center Mike Pouncey was already having a bad day after his Dolphins blew a 17-3 halftime lead against the Patriots. However, his day got significantly worse when Massachusetts State Police served him a grand jury subpoena outside of the Dolphins locker room after the game.

The subpoena is reportedly related to the investigation of Aaron Hernandez, Pouncey's close friend and teammate at the University of Florida. Specifically, police in several states, including Massachusetts, New York and Florida, are looking into Hernandez's potential role in interstate gun trafficking.

The subpoena does not necessarily mean Pouncey has or will be charged with any crimes. It does, however, mean police consider him a material witness in their investigation of Hernandez. Police are reportedly interested in multiple transactions between Hernandez and Pouncey.

Five uniformed State Police officials and two in suits waited for Pouncey in the hallway between the Dolphins locker room and team bus. Police repeatedly shielded off Dolphins special teams coach Darren Rizzi when the coach asked them if they had spoken with Dolphins director of security Stu Weinstein.

From Sports Illustrated:
"It's about a grand jury investigation," one official could be heard telling Pouncey. The same police official later said, "Make sure you arrive."

Pouncey appeared confused when handed the paperwork by police and said, "What's this about?" Soon Dolphins officials were scrambling around the concourse looking for answers.
A Patriots team official claimed the Robert Kraft was unaware that the subpoena would be issued to Pouncey.

Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene declined to say much of anything when contacted about the situation. "Organizationally, we have no comment. And Mike Pouncey does not have a comment" was all Greene said on the matter. Pouncey did reportedly travel with the team back to Miami.

A Steelers spokesman declined all comment on the situation. Mike's twin brother, Maurkice, is a Pro
Bowl center for the Steelers and was also a close friend and teammate of Hernandez while at Florida. Maurkice is out for the year with a torn ACL, but his Steelers come to Foxborough next week for a Week 9 matchups.

The Pouncey brothers made headlines this offseason when they were photographed wearing "Free Hernandez" hats in a club. Maurkice went on to publicly apologize on twitter, but Mike declined to do so when asked about it by the press.

The Pouncey's were also directly involved in an unsolved shooting involving Hernandez during their time at Florida. The issue allegedly stemmed from one of the Pouncey brothers having a necklace stolen at a nightclub. A witness identified the accomplice as former Gator and then Jaguars safety Reggie Nelson. He also described the shooter as "a 'Hawaiian' or 'Hispanic' male who had a large muscular build, stood about 6-foot-3 or 6-foot-4, weighed about 230 or 240 pounds and had a lot of tattoos."

PICTURED: a 6'1", 245 pound Hispanic male with a large, muscular build and a lot of tattoos