Mike Tomlin Defends the Patriots Banged Up Defense

Earlier in the week, Ben Roethlisberger called Tom Brady the best quarterback in the league (see Mike Saver's post on it). Yesterday, Bill Belichick was in rare form during a press conference and equated Big Ben's body and ability to extend plays by being so hard to take down to trying to tackle Nate Solder (see another post by Mike Saver here).

Today, Mike Tomlin was asked about the Patriots injury-ridden defense, and in a way, he came to the defense of those who are healthy. He had this to say about the Patriots defense, according to a conference call quote from CSSNE:

"I think they have a lot of good players that are playing for them right now," said Tomlin in a conference call on Wednesday to CSSNE. "Brandon Spikes and [Donta] Hightower, and Chandler Jones. I mean, those are highly-regarded young guys that just came out in recent drafts, and they're showing their worth. Couple that with the additions of the young versatile guy [Jamie] Collins from Southern Miss. I think they have a lot of good players playing right now… I think to talk about the guys that they're missing is probably an injustice to the quality young players that they're playing with right now."

High praise from a great coach.