Patriots' Sebastian Vollmer placed on injured reserve

At the Mayo bowl in mid-September, who would've guessed the plays on the left and center (Mayo and Vollmer)
would both be out for the year a month later
The Patriots just signed right tackle Sebastian Vollmer to a brand new deal in the off-season, retaining the big german tackle in free-agency.

However, they've unfortunately only gotten half a season out of that contract, as Vollmer sustained a scary injury in the team's win over the Dolphins.

Vollmer was rolled up on by a Dolphins linebacker while run blocking, and you could hear his screams on the TV audio feed. His leg was placed in a cast and he was carted off the field with what has been reported as a broken leg. He's had surgery on it either yesterday or today according to various reports. Either way his season is done.

On the roster the Patriots have Marcus Cannon and Will Svitek on hand to replace Vollmer, but his is a huge loss.

The team has already lost pro bowlers like Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo to injured reserve. Vollmer adds the list as another significant player to be out for the year. It has been a tough year for the team as the hits seem to keep coming to their biggest names.