Rob Gronkowski hosting an event for women to get liquored up and listen to him talk

Rob Gronkowski has done a lot of crazy things in his time as an NFL player. This might take the cake as the most absurd though.

According to's Around the League, Rob Gronkowski is planning on hosting an event for Boston ladies where they can get drunk off Gronk-tinis and hang out with Rob Gronkowski.

The New England Patriots tight end has extended an invitation to any Boston-area woman with the innate desire to "learn from and interact with Rob Gronkowski," according to an online invite for the Nov. 11 meeting of the minds.

As if Armistice Day wasn't exciting enough, intrigued females will be treated to a cocktail hour flush with beer, wine and -- yes -- "Gronk-tinis."

Lathered-up guests will then shift gears to the gridiron for a "chance to learn football skills and compete on the turf at Harvard Stadium." Coffee and dessert to follow as Gronk waxes poetic about "the finer points of the game of football and beyond."

So, chock this one up as the strangest event a Patriots player has ever held. I'm sure there will be plenty of Boston-area women interested in talking beyond football with Gronk.

In typical Gronk fashion, he spares the subtlety here.