This incompletion was all the Jets defense apparently
In typical Jets fashion, the team in New York is crying about something to do with the Patriots and the media.

Much of the focus of the team's week 2 matchup was all of the dropped passes in the game, on both sides. Patriots receivers were often able to get good separation, but had several bad drops. According to the Jets and Rex Ryan, that was all their doing.

The Jets find that amusing. Clearly, they feel their defense didn't get enough credit.

"It had nothing to do with us, I understand, we were just out there," coach Rex Ryan said with a heavy dose of sarcasm. "Certainly, that was well-reported and all that. We'll get to see. We'll get to see if some of those issues exist this week."

Added Richardson of Brady: "He was out there running plays against no one, I guess."

Certainly, the Jets do deserve some credit for their performance in that game, but don't tell me that the Patriots dropped passes weren't a viable storyline in that game.

Currently, the Patriots have three of the top six receivers in dropped passes. Brady is completing a career low 56.9% of his passes. If receivers dropped only half of their total so far this year, he'd have a 61.5% completion rate.

The Patriots weren't the only ones that had a storyline of dropped passes. The Jets had their fair share too. You saw Rex Ryan whining about that in the press conference after the game.

"Well I thought Geno had his moments, you know," said Ryan, "I don't know how many balls we dropped today, but it was a bunch. There was no question. Obviously, his numbers would look a lot different if he had caught the football. But yeah, man, it is just unfortunate. I don't know how many drops, but the young man had his moments today and obviously we wished we had a few back."

Don't see any credit being given to the Patriots defense there. I guess the Jets were running plays against no one, huh?

Michael Saver 10/19/2013 12:05:00 PM Edit

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