With the most recent season-ending injury to Vince Wilfork, the Patriots are forced to assess injuries to the defense as well as the already numerous injuries that have plagued the opposite side of the ball. Tom Brady conducted a phone interview with Westwood One, and he delivered his opinion on not only Wilfork's injury, but also the medical status of Rob Gronkowski.

When asked about Vince Wilfork's injury and the impact that may have, Brady answered,

"To say we'll miss him is an understatement," Tom Brady said. "His presence in the locker room and on the field is really unmatched. It will be a team effort."

As much as they will miss Big Vince, he also stated that, essentially, the team cannot worry themselves with the replacement; however, they do have to do everything in their power to fill the massive void that Wilfork's absence will leave. Brady stated,

"Initially there's a blow to the team morale in that you wonder who is going to fill in that spot and who's going to take the void of such a great player," Brady said. "But then as soon as you get into the week, you start thinking about your job, how much you need to do and the coaches are asking you, and then you really leave it up to coach to think of the things that he can do now to help replace a guy like Vince... It's a team sport, so the rest of the team has to pick up the pieces."

The Patriots' defense lost Wilfork early in the game against the Falcons and still managed to hold the Falcons to 3.9 yards per rush, better than the year average to date - 4.1 (according to NFL.com). Vince was actually not playing to his usual pro bowl standard, so although the impact of Vince will be huge, it may not be as bad as one would expect since the Patriots defense was playing extremely well with a somewhat hobbled Vince through four weeks. The impact of Vince's absence could be felt more so off the field.

Tom Brady had a few comments on Rob Gronkowski's health, but did not reveal too much in terms of whether or not he will play this coming week against the Cincinnati Bengals. Brady also, obviously, misses Gronk, but he seemed to be of the mindset that he will do what he can with what he has got, while also anxiously awaiting the return of Gronkowski, Danny Amendola, and Shane Vereen. Brady commented on Gronk with the following comment:

“Every week that he’s been out there he’s made significant improvement. So it’ll be great when he’s back and it’ll be great when we get Danny Amendola back and Shane Vereen back and finally we can see what our offense is really made of. Whether that’s this week or the following week or the following week. I mean those things are really not determined by me.”

I, too, cannot wait until we can see the Patriots offense fully restocked and healthy, because combined with an already very good defense, the Patriots could take down Denver when the time comes later in the regular season.

Sam Reilly 10/01/2013 03:22:00 PM Edit

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