Have you heard about the Patriots comeback yet?

The Pats offense has come under fire quite a bit recently, and on the first two tries they had at a game winning drive, they didn't do anything to discourage that talk.

Third time's a charm, right?

Tom Brady seemed to like what he see in the huddle on that last drive, speaking on WEEI earlier today.

“I was happy to see — the best part for me was just looking in that huddle and realizing that every guy was ready to do what it took to win," said Brady. "That’s pretty clutch to me. We’ll use that going forward, and that’s going to give us some really good motivation over the course of the year that no matter what the situation is, we’re going to be able to try to figure a way out.”

How nice of Tom Brady. His teammates returned the favor in kind, all gawking at the legend performing at his best in that span of 60 seconds. Quotes via Boston Herald.

Alfonzo Dennard:
"I still be in shock looking at Brady play," cornerback Alfonzo Dennard said. "Brady is amazing."

Stevan Ridley:
"He’s the best player to play the game," Ridley said. "You can never count us out as long as he’s back there behind the center."

Logan Mankins:
"Some teams might have mailed it in after the first two-minute drive with the interception," Mankins said. "But the defense with the big stop, the offense, we knew we had a chance. Everyone stayed in the game on the sideline, and we were ready to go."

Michael Saver 10/14/2013 09:32:00 PM Edit

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