AFC or the NFC? Which is stronger?

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A question often asked, especially during the--now irrelevant--Pro Bowl. Which conference is stronger? Certainly the AFC right? The AFC hosts the league's best record with the 9-0 Kansas City Chiefs. But they also share a hold of the leagues worse team, the Jaguars, but as does the NFC with the Bucs. So how can we decide this? Well for starters, let's check out the conference's records.

The NFC's current record is: 64-68 with a winning percentage of 48.48%.
The AFC's current record is: 69-65 with a winning percentage of 51.49%.

As you can see, the AFC boasts a better record, but does it make them stronger? After all, all along it's looked like the AFC was a mess weeks ago. While the AFC still is in shambles, they have seen an awakening for sorts with the Patriots finding their stride and the Titans staying in the thick of things without Locker.

But the stronger conference has to be the NFC, aside from the NFC East. Each division is super competitive. A three way tie for first in the NFC North, the Panthers closing quickly and quietly on the Saints, and the tug of war that is known to be the NFC West with the 49ers and Seahawks. While the AFC holds a better record, keep in mind that the NFC has four teams in the top five in total defense, and three in total offense. Four teams in the top five in points per game, and four teams in the top five in points against per game.

Wins-loss wise, the AFC is better, but stat wise? The NFC has them beat, and since I got the Saints holding the trophy this February. I guess that also tells you who I think is stronger.