Aqib Talib says that if he saw Steve Smith, it'd be like, "What up?"

Some situations are serious.

Others are just, "What up, how you doing?" type situations.

These are facts of life, and when it comes to what happened between Carolina receiver Steve Smith and Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib in Monday Night's Panthers-Patriots game, it's the latter.
"Never personal, man. It's never personal," Talib said Wednesday. "I'm sure if I see Steve, it'd be, 'What's up, how you doing?' It's never personal, man.

This is good to know.

Things got a bit testy between Talib and Smith, as Talib got a bit frustrated trying to cover the tough and chatty receiver. There was a lot of shoving, shouting, and leg grabbing (See some of that in this video). Anyway, Smith then said Talib was a notch on his bedpost and told him to "ice up" because he left the game after aggravating his hip injury.

Of course, none of that bothered Aqib Talib, because it's not like he got as mad as he did at St. Louis Rams' Janoris Jenkins.

Him and the other guy from St. Louis, that was personal. He didn't say he was going to punch me in my face after the game. He just told me to go get in the tub.

Smith did indeed tell the media that he would "bust him in his fucking mouth", referring to the Rams' Jenkins.

And then he said, ""When you embarrass people, you rub it in their face. When your dog (urinates) on the carpet, you rub it in his face."

So basically, things could've been a lot worse between Talib and Smith.