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Brady went on WEEI and joked that the cold weather gets everyone playing at his level (see tweet below). That clearly explains why Brady's QBR is nearly 40 points higher in cold weather vs warmer weather (107.4 in 20-40 degrees vs 68.9 in 60-80 degrees according to USA Today). Part of it is Brady has spent his most of his playing career in places known for cold temperatures in winter dating back to his Michigan days and, of course, spending his entire pro career here in New England. On the flip side of that, Peyton Manning is not at his best in frigid temperatures, which stems from him playing most of his career in a dome in Indianapolis. If you want to play in New England and have success, the cold is something you'll have to adjust to.

Whatever the explanation is, that comeback further provided evidence that Brady > Manning and Brady's ability to play in cold weather was a big factor in that.

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