ESPN poll shows 82% thinks Patriots were robbed

In a poll conducted by ESPN Sportsnation,it appears an overwhelming amount of the country believes that the Patriots were robbed at the end of the game, and that they deserved another chance to try and win it.

Even North Carolina almost came out to a split decision. Only 52% thought the Panthers genuinely emerged victorious.

It's tough blaming the refs for a loss when there were so many other plays and moments that could have been executed that wouldn't have put the Patriots in such a tough position at the end of the game. The Panthers being 8-11 on third down, Stevan Ridley's 1st half red zone fumble, and the confusing play call on 3rd & 1 in the 4th quarter are all examples of New England making it harder on themselves for the final drive.

However, even though it is just an online poll done by ESPN, I was surprised the results were skewered so far in the Patriots' favor. Aren't these the same people who hate them for all the winning, organizational competence, and a decade long run of dominance? If these people are willing to brush away their irrational hatred of New England to voice their opinion on an egregious call, that speaks volumes of how badly the referees looked after picking up the flag on the last play.

Photo via ESPN