Josh McDaniels talks about failed 3rd and 1

Also titled: Josh McDaniels makes excuses for being a dumbass
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Josh McDaniels had a lovely interview on where he was asked about the 3rd and 1 play in the Pathners game, which the Patriots couldn't convert and settled with a field goal. Here's what he had to say:
"We always try to give ourselves multiple options on any play like that," he said. "Run, pass or if it’s just a pass and haven an opportunity to get multiple people out in the pattern. I think they did a good job of covering the front side of the pattern where [Rob] Gronkowski was and [James] Develin was in the flat, they did a decent job there.

"[They] got a little bit of rush on us and [Tom Brady] ended up going back there to AD [Aaron Dobson] and it wasn’t really clean back there and I thought he, under the circumstances, made a good decision to go ahead and throw the ball away, not take a negative play and give Steve [Gostkowski] an opportunity to kick the field goal."

Oh wait, I get it, did you just get greedy and think you could have picked up all 8 yards and gotten the touchdown? Was that the plan?
"That wasn’t the thinking," McDaniels scoffed. "Like I said, we had options on the play. Sometimes you have a run and a pass called together and if you see something that deters you from using the run then you know, you end up with the throw. It doesn’t necessarily mean it was designed to get all eight."

SO WHY DON'T YOU RUN THE BALL ON 3RD AND 1 JOSH!!?? WHY!!?? Blount had been a human battering ram that drive. He was hitting the linebackers harder than they were hitting him! Did you truely think that, in your heart of hearts, your best option was not giving the ball to Blount!?

I have had struggles with McDaniels play calling all season and while Josh and the Pats coaches could have expected the defense to do their job and keep the Panthers from scoring, this play perfectly represents everything I dislike in Josh McDaniels as an offensive coordinator.

He gets too fancy at all the wrong moments.

Remember last season ago when Miami was complaining because the Patriots ran the same play against them like three times in a row. Well, we ran the play that was working and forced the defense to adjust. We were running the plays that were working, and yet we were the ones who adjusted. It don't make no sense Josh.

Yes ultimately this play didn't lose us the game, (that honor went to the refs and mistaking Luke Kuechly for just a large growth on Gronk's chest) but it again brings to light some of the questionable play calling that McDaniels has made over the season in pressure situations.

- Pete Rogers