Patriots problems begin and end at the o-line

Photo Credit: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images
Coming in, we all knew just how good the Carolina front seven is. But little did New England fans know how much of an impact they would really have on this game. While Brady was only sacked twice, the pressure did force a lot of arid throws.

One of those arid throws just happened to be at the source of controversy, the last play of the game. If you watch the reply closely, you will clearly see a flustered Brady break the pocket and in order to avoid taking a hit, throwing off of his back foot. Now, throwing off of his front foot and taking the hit could have given the Patriots the chance to win the game since the ball wouldn't have been under thrown at the end.

Regardless, the Patriots offensive line failed to protect their goods, and their goods meaning Tom Brady. The defense wasn't so bright either, but the offensive line was the reason I believe was the loss. Without an offensive line your team can go no where, and even though Brady connected on a 4th and 10, precious seconds were wasted on three bad passes and every second counted late.

Denver comes to New England next week as the Patriots hope to redeem themselves.