Pats streak of 'games with a forced turnover' is over

Jim Rogash/Getty Images
The Patriots defense has always been one of the 'bend but don't break' style. Regardless of the amount of yards that they give up, they are always capable of a huge stop or turnover. This resulted in a 36-game streak where the Patriots would force at least one turnover. This year's defensive unit seemed primed to keep this streak going as it could arguably be the best that this team has had in years. However, all good things come to an end;

Cam Newton and the Panthers had their way with the Pats defense. Though there were some opportunities for turnovers early in the game, Newton eventually settled in and simply went off. There was nothing the Patriots defense could do at that point and special teams did not get a turnover either. As a 'bend but don't break defense', this streak was surely something to be proud of. Though it is over, they need to focus on starting another one.

You can be sure that head coach Bill Belichick emphasized how the turnover battle is crucial in deciding who wins and loses. He will more than likely point out that the Patriots lost the turnover battle in last week's game and then. Turnovers are crucial as it takes the ball out of the opponents hands and places it in your quarterback's. You can only imagine how important it is this week to get the ball out of Peyton Manning's hands and keep it in Tom Brady's.

Anthony Aidonidis