Ring Envy: What Steelers fans said - 11/3/13

Oh Pittsburgh fans, they aren't used to this. The Steelers are not the juggernauts they've normally been, and their fans are completely frustrated. Nearly everyone on the staff had their job called for by Steelers fans. They didn't enjoy the fact that the Patriots stagnant offense found its resurgence against their defense. Oh, and they sure don't like Tom Brady or the referees. What was your favorite comment?

Top Three:

i think when he scored, i saw an official do a "fist-pump"

Ben will throw a Hail Mary, intercepted by Pats for a TD.

Fucking hell. I need a thesaurus to find new words for suck.

The Steelers Drinking Game...

take a drink every time a defender comes free at Ben, and take a drink every time Gay give up a reception to Gronk

do a shot every time Ben gets sacked and chug a beer every time they turn the ball over

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Steelers in a blow out.

Sacked again and Ben fumbles it. Nice way to start the game.

Big Ben, a great talent with a low IQ.

Great game plan - stay short of the 1st down, catch the ball, and get stopped. Punt.

this punter is already 1,000 times better than the last guy

Ben has never been able to read a defense. He just knows to look for the open guy which is why he runs around like a moron on every pass play.

Ok LeBeau,now you can retire.We've had enough

The secondary is on the sidelines talking about how to do that. They've never covered a tight end before.

The only problem is that Ben will be in his own endzone - nightmare situation.

Now I just hope our offense doesnt fuck up and let the pats* score here defensively

Intercepted - this fucking asshole.

Good thing they stonewalled the Pats so they could give up a bomb instead.

gonna be a long day...lol I'm getting drunk

I realize Lebeau has nothing to work with because his players suck. But come on. WIDE FREAKING OPEN OVER AND OVER. Amendola is a woos. Get in his face and knock him off his damn route.

just punt now before Ben turns it over

we should play a drinking game

take a drink every time a defender comes free at Ben, and take a drink every time Gay give up a reception to Gronk

I think we are going to get spanked. I guess it is time to replay my History of The Steelers DVD to make myself remember those days we won.

Fuck Gronk, i hate that cocksucker for the love of christ

Brady and Gronk are all the Pats have and they are totalling embarassing the Steelers defense

Pats favored by 7 ....i think they meant 7 TDs not 7 points

Ben is great at setting up FGs


i bet brady wish he could play the steelers all the time lol

Tonight on 60 minutes....Why being gay and wearing UGGs can still get you Brazilian Super Models.......Tom Brady explains why......

TD ..oops scored too soon pats have enough time to score 2 more times

Why is everyone so happy on the sidelines? You are losing and brady has 2 min to throw it towards Gronks junk on 3rd and long for another score.

Or complain. Get flag. Boston style.

I wonder how much new england paid these refs for these bullshit calls. Absolutely un fucking real. FUCK GRONK THAT FUCKING QUEER

10 seconds ..still time for the Steelers to give pats another TD somehow

Camera too close on Brady. Flag on CBS.

Ben will throw a Hail Mary, intercepted by Pats for a TD.

I hate this fucking Pats team, every goddamn little thing is called a penalty. Its bullshit. I guess when you play the Pats at home you play the refs too

It's a Boston thing. Officiating shall not infringe upon their sports teams. They get to do what they want like video tape and kill people.

I cringe every time I watch us play. I have to entertain myself by guessing how they will screw up the play. Basically I guess what the most obvious and dumbest play to run and Haley always calls it. Or on third downs..... How many yards past the first down marker they will gain.

in FG range.. time for this drive to stall

Napoleon Dynamite just threw his 7th TD pass against a defense that made the Steelers O look like the the San Diego State Offense.

This feels like a momentum change. Though it's not the doom that gets you, it's the hope.

2 TDs scored on consecutive drives???? WTH????

Oh gronks hurt....boo hoo hoo

Poor peewee gronk

This Ridley MFer is really annoying.

Phil Simms. "What I Like is this hurry up offense. It tires out the O Line. There's only so many times you can rush the QB'. Next play, Sack. Thanks Phil. Earned your money this week.

special teams shows why they're called "special"

When was the last time where one of the three phases of football didnt fuck one or the other ones.

remember that basketball team that the Harlem Globetrotters used to beat? If they had a football version of that team, they'd kick our asses six ways to tuesday.....

This defense is terrible!

this sucks

why u blowing on Gay? come on. if u watch enough FB that was a perfect throw,,and the DB has no chance...

i think when he scored, i saw an official do a "fist-pump"

And...time to mow the lawn.

4 Patriots and 2 Steelers in the backfield.
How is ANY QB supposed to play under these conditions?

On a more positive note. It's good to see we're knocking Brady around. Not that it's doing any good. But it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling seeing that primadonna hit the ground.

I agree our talent level is nowhere close to other teams, but look at what the Patriots do with their limited talent level. It is the envionoment you create and right now we do not have that winning attitude.

damn TB just lost.. they're gonna beat us out on first pick

Good thing they wasted 2 TOs for no reason...otherwise theyd still have a chance

We really are the doormat of the NFL.

Thanks Dick LeBeau, your defense has just given up 48 pts. It used to take teams 4 games to score 48 points on your defense. Now, just a game is all it takes.

Defense! Stomp! Stomp! Defense! Stomp! Stomp! Lol

Fucking hell. I need a thesaurus to find new words for suck.

Keep running up the score you classless fucks

Gave up 31 points after tying it up incredible.

I will have to agree with the Steelers radio broadcast team when they point out that PIT tied it up at 24 AND THEN........NE scored on its next 5 possessions. FIVE Possessions!!!!!!. The defense got carved up and abused. 55 pts and 600+ yards. I cant blame Ben for the loss. Yes he missed a TD pass to Sanders. Yes he missed Heath on an important 3rd down at then of the 3rd quarter but overall, the defense either got too tired or they just damned near laid down. 5 straight possessions with the game on the line. That is an implosion by the D