Stevan Ridley: "They have no option but to take me out and it's sickening"

Although the New England Patriots eked out a win last night on Sunday Night Football against the Denver Broncos, there are still some pressing issues that need to be addressed with this team. Namely, Stevan Ridley's chronic problem with ball security. Ridley now has three fumbles in three games, and it's clear that this is going to be a problem that will haunt him for his entire career if he doesn't make a significant improvement soon.

After the game, the questions at Ridley were obviously directed about his fumbling. One of his quotes last night seemed oddly candid, because it was not the canned response you typically see from Patriots players:
"I work too hard to make the small mistakes and I keep setting myself back and setting this team back. The offense depends on me and to go out there and get the job done and when I put the ball on the ground they have no option but to take me out and it's sickening."

Ridley seems to know the hole that he has dug himself in, and he probably realizes that there is a very good chance he will not be suiting up for this team in the future. He is under contract for next year, but we all know Bill Belichick is ruthless when it comes to players that are underperforming or he has no use for.

For what to do with Ridley, it's certainly a tough call. He is still young, and everyone can see the skill he has when he holds onto the ball. This is not the case of a player asking for more money and Belichick not relenting, or is it a situation with a player past his prime and not being effective. We might not see Ridley at all for the rest of the year, but since he has one more year on his contract, it might be a good idea to give him one more chance next season, albeit on a very short leash. If he can hold onto the ball and contribute to the team, then Belichick will be lauded for his patience with Ridley. If the fumbling pops up again, then the leash will be way too short for it affect as many games as it has this season. If Ridley gets another chance with the Patriots, he should thank his lucky stars.

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