Count Texans' head coach Gary Kubiak as one person who was impressed with the Patriots comeback against the Broncos last week.

Speaking to reporters today in anticipation of the Patriots heading to Reliant Stadium this weekend, Kubiak talked about that win and what he sees from the Patriots. That is, a team poised to make the type of run they always do.

"Well, I just see 'em playing better and better each week," Kubiak said. "They've obviously got some guys back and getting back to full strength. What they did in the second half last week is just phenomenal. Their leadership with Bill and Tom has been consistent for so many years. I just, I see a team priming itself to make a run for a championship. They've got a lot of great players. The coaches on that staff are absolutely tremendous. I see themselves getting into position to go on that run that they usually make."

Kubiak noted that as the season has gone on, and the team has gotten healthier, they've gotten better and better.

This is worth noting seeing as how low expectations were heading into the season, and how much even lower they got in the beginning of it when the Patriots offense was struggling to move the ball.

That hasn't been the case so much the last three weeks, with Tom Brady playing well against the Steelers, Panthers and Broncos. The team now faces maybe their easiest stretch of the season, with games in Miami and Baltimore being the toughest on the docket.

Have they now gone from being counted out to a championship favorite? This is the point of the season where we'll certainly find out.

The Texans are only 2-9 as they dwell at the bottom of the AFC South. In their last two meetings, the Patriots outscored Houston 83-42.

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