The Patriots make fun of Red Sox players for being so small

Bill Belichick was MIC'd up for the Steelers game and on NFL Network's Sound FX show, we were finally able to hear what he was saying.

During the game it was a lot of "good job" and references to keeping Big Ben in the pocket, but the most hilarious things came before the game.

You can watch the full video here but Bill, Tom Brady and Josh McDaniels all commented on how small the Red Sox players were compared to the Pats players. Of course this was because the Sox players came to visit Gillette before the game to show off their World Series trophy.

"They're tiny," McDaniels says.

"Oh I know, they're little," replies Belichick. "Pedroia is like 150 pounds."

"[Shane] Victorino is like 20 pounds less than [Danny] Amendola," says McDaniels.

Then Brady goes to Bill, "They must be going, jeeze these guys are huge."

"I know," said Bill. "They're so little"

Laughter ensued and the Pats proceeded to beat the hell out of the Steelers. It was a good day for all.