Tom Brady - could he win another MVP?

Photo from USA Today
If he keeps playing the way he has, he might. Think about it - he's lost most of his top receivers from last year and the last remaining piece from last year, Rob Gronkowski, was out for 6 weeks. Yet the Patriots are 8-3 this year, and Tom Brady is a big part of that. It all culminated with him bringing the Patriots back into Sunday night's game against the Broncos and shredding them for 34 points in the 2nd half and OT.

Certainly, Brady is not the only one in the MVP discussion (USA Today has Brady, Peyton Manning, Russell Wilson, Calvin Johnson, and Drew Brees on their shortlist), but with the performances Brady has put up this year, he's earned his spot in the discussion. And not to mention he's beaten Drew Brees and Peyton Manning this year, both of whom are on this short list of MVP candidates.

And he might actually have a shot at winning if he can keep this up (which he will), and here's why I say that: As far as value to his team goes, Tom Brady has literally been one of the most valuable players to his team. I think you could take Peyton Manning and Russell Wilson off USA Today's original list of 5 because Peyton Manning has so many weapons, so I think you can't single one player out as being more valuable than another when you have so much talent. Sure, he has the numbers, but it's easy to put up the kind of numbers when you have the talent at wide receiver and tight end that Peyton has at his disposable. And as for Wilson, he doesn't have the weapons or the numbers, but he does have one of the best defenses in the league going for him, so it's hard to single him out as being the most valuable player on a team when your defense is so good.

So that leaves Brady, Brees, and Megatron. Of those 3, it's hard to pick a winner, but Brady has as good a shot as any of the guys listed, maybe better, given the lack of experience at receiver/tight end. Not to mention the injuries in the secondary for the Patriots has put more pressure on Brady to be at his best.

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