Who will lead the Patriots in catches to end the year?

Catching the ball has been a bit more of a demanding task for the Patriots this year than in season's past. Week after week, game after game, the Patriots seemingly can't catch balls in key situations like Wes Welker did in the Super Bowl. While the Patriots have picked up speed at exactly the right time in the season, during their bye week, the Patriots still have a lot to accomplish.

First and foremost is who should be your #1, #2 and #3 receiver. In news earlier, Dobson had taken over Thompkins on the depth chart after seemingly doing nothing to really earn that spot. Nevertheless, what about Edelman? He leads the team thus far in receptions with 49 and has been Brady's more reliable target outside of Rob Gronkowski, but where does he fit in? Especially now with Gronkowski back on the field catching touchdown passes.

Photo Credit: Jim Rogash/Getty Images
I see Dobson being the #1 on the outside with maybe Edelman being on the other side and letting Amendola play slot. Amendola was brought here to fulfill the void Welker left, and seeing it that way, he should play slot and let Edelman who seemed to be the second coming of Wes Welker, to play on the outside. But then who will lead the Patriots in catches for the rest of the season I might add?

My prediction for who's going to lead the Patriots the rest of the way in catches is Aaron Dobson and here's why. I think he's the guy who will most likely benefit from the return of Gronkowki, and this bye week. He's had the talent and skill to be great, but put yourself in his shoes. Just being drafted not even six months ago, be expected to be the teams likely #1 or 2 receiver, with a hall of fame QB, in a very complicated offense. I would be pretty nervous too, and some players understand the lingo and signals a lot quicker which may have been while Thompkins grew so well with Brady. Dobson has been on a hot streak and this could be because of working with Tom Brady over the past few weeks. Dobson is finally tapping into his potential on this team, especially now that Gronk is back. This should allow more 1 on 1's down the field for players such as Dobson to hopefully beat his man.

So expect Dobson to have a terrific 2nd half of the season and lead the way in catches the rest of the way. Dropping the ball hopefully shouldn't be too much of a problem seeing that the king of dropping important passes is now miles and miles away in Denver and I'm talking to you, Wes.