Will Aqib Talib’s return fix the Patriots defensive problems?

Photo via Boston Herald
In one very quick word: Yes. The Patriots have had something this season that we have not seen in Foxborough recently and that is a good, top 10 defense. In fact, the defense is what won us many of our first games, back when we couldn’t pass the ball and our offense looked like a bunch of high schoolers. The key person in all of this new found defensive success is Talib. He has been playing like the best corner in the league and that argument could very easily be made.

Here are Talib’s season stats compared to Richard Sherman of the Seahawks, whom most people will tell you is the best corner in the league right now. Sorry Revis, you don't get on this list because a) you’re on the Buccaneers and b) because the Bucs for some reason only use you in zone. Another brilliant move by Greg Schiano.

TALIB: 15 tackles, 4 interceptions
SHERMAN: 28 tackles, 4 interceptions

So the point here is that Talib can shut down the left side of the field with the best of them, and this instantly boosts the Patriots defense.

Three key things happen with Talib in the game which will help this Patriots D:

• The best receiver on the opposing team will not touch the ball. Think Julio Jones. Think Jimmy Graham. These guys were suppose to be unstoppable, but Talib stopped them.
• The rest of the defense doesn't need to worry about the other team's best receiver. This allows for safeties to roam and make plays. This allows the linebackers to worry more about tight ends and running backs. It allows the players on defense to worry about less, and thus do more.
• Kyle Arrington stays in the slot. I am not a fan of Kyle Arrington and anytime Talib is out, Arrington starts on the outside and will give us one or two wonderful fucking moments where he just gets roasted up the sideline by a receiver. Think Emmanuel Sanders on the Steelers. Think last years game against the 49ers.

Talib right now is playing at a MVP level and the sooner we can have that back on the field, the better. This bye hopefully will let him rest, get healthy, and then we can come out of the bye with a healthy Talib, Amendola, Gronk, and Vereen. Holy crap thats a sexy looking lineup!

-Pete Rogers