Winning ugly wins it all

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Yes, it is already that time to start talking about the Super Bowl. We are starting week 10 and the Patriots have seven more weeks to get this team together and build up to the postseason and ultimately, the SUPER BOOOOOWL! But how are the Patriots doing thus far? Do they look like a Super Bowl team? Is there an easy way to compare them to past Super Bowl winners? Lucky for all you readers, that is exactly what this article is, a quick look at past Super Bowl teams and seeing how the Patriots matchup 10 weeks into the season.

Here were the records of the past three Super Bowl champs after 10 weeks of football:
2012 Ravens- 7-2
2011 Giants- 6-3
2010 Packers- 6-3

These records line up very evenly with the Patriots record of 7-2 heading into their week 10 bye. Whats better is that these teams were all winning, and losing ugly during those 10 weeks, much like the Pats have been so far.

The Ravens had a tough loss in week 2 against the Eagles 23-24, but then were able to win another tight, low scoring game in week 5 against the Chiefs 9-6.

The Giants lost a 7 point game against the 49ers in week 10, but had also won a last second touchdown game vs the Pats the week before.

Even the Packers, the team that boasted the 5th ranked offense and defense that year, lost two OT games (vs Redskins and Dolphins) but won an 9-0 game vs the Jets.

The reason I bring all this up is because too often the media loves to put the title of “Super Bowl Contender” on the team that puts up the biggest score and has the most potent offense. The Broncos are the NFL’s love baby this year. Hell, its been us the last three years. These teams do not win Super Bowls because when they are met with a tough, physical, defensive game, they falter and fail. We have seen it all too often here in Foxborough.

But this Pats team has won, and lost, close, defensive battles. We beat the Jets in week 2 13-10 in the rain. We then lost to those same Jets in OT. These games do so much more for a team than the 40 something to 20 something games that we have seen in the past.

To me, this years Patriots is in the best position to win a Super Bowl since 2004. They have a defense they can rely on, they know they can win close games, and above all, they’ve seen the Ravens, Giants, and Packers do all the same things, and they ultimately won it all.

Also, quick side note: after week 10 the Ravens went 3-4, the Giants went 3-4, and the Packers went 4-3. If the Patriots start slipping, don’t get your panties in a bunch. That being said, if the Pats start slipping, I’ll be the first one to have my panties bunched up my ass.

-Pete Rogers