Aaron Hernandez is doodling Naked Women in Jail

It had been far too long since Aaron Hernandez had a letter from jail sold to TMZ, so naturally the gossip website published yet another Hernandez letter yesterday.

This letter is much longer than the previous one's that had reached the media, and it appears to be to an old friend from Hernandez's hometown of Bristol, Connecticut. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Hernandez continues to steadfastly declare his innocence. He acknowledges that "it's always up to the jury, so ya never know", but seems very confident about his eventual trial, at one point talking about when (his underline) he'll get out of jail.
  • In fact, not only does Hernandez claim to not be stressing the case, but he actually claims that life in jail is less stressful than his previous life in the outside world.
  • Hernandez still uses "lol" far more than any grown man should. In this case, he drops it five times. And that's not counting a "lmao" that he threw in there.
  • He reminisces about old times with his friend. Specifically: "the time we went up and chilled with my brother and were reckless lol! That shit was halarious, and you broke my mutha fuckin mirror lmao!"
  • He seems to have turned against his previously beloved hometown of Bristol. Specifically, he tells his friend he's "happy you got your ass out of sad-ass Bristol; I fuckin hate Bristol!"
  • When talking about friends, he acknowledges that he "could've made better choices my selected few, but it's life, you live and learn!"
  • He's working out daily in prison, and hopes to get out soon enough that he can return to the NFL
  • When he hasn't been working out or laughing audibly, he's been reading books. Hernandez claims to have read "like 25 books, so far" as part of his effort to leave prison "stronger, wiser" and "way more intelligent"
  • The standard "PS Please keep this private! I know you will, just sayin!" is at the bottom of the letter. With a big TMZ watermark over it. It's a nice ironic touch. 
Finally, Hernandez finishes the letter with a sketch of a naked lady from behind. Let's just say Aaron likes big butts and he cannot lie. He also captions the drawing with "dats a bad bitch lol!" and a smiley face. Stronger, wiser and hornier.

Check out the full letter at TMZ Sports.