Are the Dolphins for real?

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If you're like me, you thought the whole Richie Incognito/Johnathon Martin situation would be too much of a distraction for the Dolphins and they would become irrelevant in the playoff race. But they are right in the thick of the hunt for the 2nd wild card. I think it's assumed that Kansas City has the 1st wild card locked up, but the 2nd one is wide open with a number of teams at 7-6, 7-7 or 6-7. Miami has as good a shot as any team to make the playoffs as any of those teams right now.

So, if they get to the playoffs, can the Dolphins make a serious run? No, they can't. The move for Mike Wallace has been somewhat of a bust - he has 762 receiving yards but only 3 touchdown catches. Also, I don't think Ryan Tannehill stacks up very well against the defenses he'll see in the playoffs. If the Dolphins make the playoffs, they will likely match up against Cincinnati in their first game - not easy to say the least. The Bengals are a solid all-around team that is very hard to break down, when they're on their game. But at the same time, Miami already beat Cincinnati once this year. It still won't be easy, as they'll have to go on the road.

Even if they win, they would have to go to New England or Denver (likely New England as it stands right now) and they would have to find a way to outplay one of two elite QB's on the road, which won't happen. Not to mention they still have to get there. There are 9 teams who mathematically still have a shot to make the playoffs as the 2nd wild card. Not counting the teams currently sitting in playoff spots (NE, Denver, KC, Cincinnati, Indy, Baltimore).

Sorry Miami (not really), you guys don't stand much of chance. Maybe next year. Or when Tom Brady retires. Whichever comes first.

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