Billy Cundiff's wikipedia page gets trolled by Patriots fan

Or maybe it was a dejected Ravens fan, or maybe it was a dejected Browns fans, who knows?

There are just so many people that could either love or hate current Browns kicker Billy Cundiff, it's a big mystery.

More than likely though, it was a Patriots fan. Because, well, this is just the sort of thing us Patriots fans like to do, rub it in the face of the people we beat.

When Cundiff was back at Gillette with a potential game winning field goal held up for him, not one Patriots fan wasn't thinking back to this glorious moment in Patriots history:

As a Baltimore Raven, Billy Cundiff had a routine field goal in front of him that would've tied the AFC Championship game and sent it into overtime. He missed it, Patriots fans rejoiced, and then that was it for that season. Yep, nothing happened after that.

That was Cundiff's last kick as a Raven, but he's endured in the hearts of Patriots fans across the globe. So much so, that when he ended up missing that 58 yarder in Gillette on Sunday, someone just had to take to wikipedia.

Oh, Billy. C'mon....we love you!

Via: Reddit