Brady/Manning show respect after Manning breaks record

Yesterday, Peyton Manning took from Tom Brady one of his greatest claims to fame; the single season TD record. In 2007, Brady led what was arguably the greatest offense of all time while breaking the single season passing touchdown record (ironically enough, held by Manning) with 50. That season was hands down the greatest performance by a quarterback ever. . . until now.

Though some may argue that Manning has had an easier schedule or more weapons or whatever, it is hard to argue with the numbers. Peyton Manning threw passing touchdown #51 yesterday, reclaiming the record he previously held. With another game left to play, the record will become increasingly impressive. Once again, the Brady vs. Manning debate will continue in another category; who had the single most impressive season ever?

These debates are something that both quarterbacks do not find themselves focusing much on though, or at least that is what they tell us. When Manning was being interviewed by Peter King, he humbly appreciated the compliments that he received while offering credit to the record's previous owner:
"I will enjoy it while it lasts. I'm such a fan of the game, a student of the history of the game. So obviously this is a big thing for me," Manning told Peter King on Monday. "But personally, I feel all these passing records are going to fall. (Tom) Brady will probably break this next year.

Brady wasn't too shy on the complements either. During his weekly call to WEEI this morning, #12 was not short on words when describing how significant this achievement is for Peyton:
"It's an incredible feat," Brady said in a radio interview with the 'Dennis & Callahan show' on WEEI sports radio in Boston. "To throw 50 like we did in 2007 was incredible. [Dan] Marino threw 48, then Peyton threw 49, and I was lucky enough to be on the team to throw 50. "
"And 51 is unbelievable through 15 games, they've been throwing at an incredible pace, and what they've done offensively and certainly in the passing game has been incredible."

The bottom line is, these are two competitors that absolutely try their hardest to get the best of one another. At the same time though, they remain humble and respectful to the fact that their rival is giving the same effort. Both Manning and Brady are renown for being the hardest working players in football while they also realize that football is a team game. Just as they acknowledge each other's work ethic, they also always make sure to point out that they would not be as successful without their teammates.

Anthony Aidonidis