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According to Sports Illustrated, Peyton Manning's passing yards record may not stand. Yep, it's true. Per Sports Illustrated (see below), Manning threw to Eric Decker for a gain of 7 on 1st & 5, but it was a lateral so Decker should technically be credited with a 7 yard run.

With 1:28 left in the first quarter of the game, Manning threw what was called a seven-yard pass to receiver Eric Decker on 1st-and-5 from the Oakland 49-yard line. However, in the video below (H/T to SportsGrid via Reddit NFL), it’s clear that Manning threw the ball backward, which makes it a lateral. With that in mind, Decker should technically be credited with a seven-yard run.

Was it a lateral? Judge for yourself below:

Image via NFL Reddit.

GIF of the play via The Big Lead

Does it really matter in the big picture? No, not really. It probably won't affect the MVP voting, since Manning has that in the bag. And it certainly won't affect how well Denver does in the playoffs. They'll probably be one and done anyway. Just one less record for Peyton.

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