Should New England be concerned about Miami come playoff time?

Throughout yesterday's game, many fans believed they would pull it out, and they did to some extent. Before giving it all away on a botched kickoff and a horrible defensive stand allowing Miami to gain 20 yards on two plays on a 3rd and 19, and then a 4th a 5, making Miami's playoff chances look awfully dim. Nevertheless, the Patriots really only lost the first seed in the playoffs and will have to rely on another Denver loss to become the first seed again, providing of course if the Pats win out. While the Patriots playoff spot isn't clinched just yet, it is likely the Pats could fall to the third seed and have to play Miami in New England. So should Pats fans and coaches alike be worried?

If this team was healthy, no, but with Miami's momentum and the Patriots relying on Brady so much. The term "concerning" shouldn't be taken lightly. Let's face it, this team isn't primed for a big playoff run like in year's past. But the future certainly is bright and although a first round exit would be hard to see, just making the playoffs with a good record after what all happened in the off-season and during the season can be considered a success.

I wouldn't go as far as saying New England should "fear the 'fins" because Miami doesn't have great quarterback play yet. I compare Tannehill to an Andy Dalton, and he's just now reaching his ceiling. If this team had to go into Miami and get a playoff win, then yeah, the Patriots should really be concerned. But going into New England in the playoffs is no easy task, so while I do believe New England should keep an eye out for Miami come playoff time, I do believe it shouldn't be too concerning.