Tom Brady doesn't rule out a Terrell Suggs dinner date some day

Best Friends

Ravens' linebacker Terrell Suggs' least favorite player in the NFL is Patriots QB Tom Brady, and he hasn't been shy of admitting it either.

Over the years Suggs has made the airwaves saying stuff like "I hate Tom Brady's hair" and calling the Patriots "the most arrogant pricks in the world".

So naturally, in Tom Brady's weekly press conference today, he was asked if Suggs' Christmas card is in the mail yet.

Dinner? With Suggs?

Brady thinks there's a chance, I guess. Or it was a joke.

Suggs may come off full of hate, but we all know it's all born out of jealousy. Suggs admitted as much himself (more on that here).

Let's say for a second Brady wasn't joking around here, what would that dinner invitation look like? Probably a little something like this.


Brady calls Terrell Suggs a "Great Player" . . . what?

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