Tom Brady was ProFootballFocus' #1 rated QB last week

Despite coming away with a tough loss this past Sunday in Miami and watching Ryan Tannehill lead his team to victory on their final drive; Tom Brady managed to grade out as the top-ranked quarterback of the week based on Pro Football Focus' player rating system.

Mike Ehrrman/Getty Images

If you are unfamiliar with that system, a detailed explanation from the folks at PFF can be found here. Brady earned a +5.7 rating for his performance, with Ryan Tannehill received an "Honorable Mention."

Comparing statistics from Sunday's game, most would be lead to believe that Tannehill (25/37, 312 yards,3TD/O INT) had the better performance than Brady (34/55, 364 yards, 2 TD/1 INT). The fact that Brady earned the best rating speaks to the unique nature of PFF's system and their aim to add an element of "context" to raw statistics.

Whether or not you buy into the PFF grading system ultimately determines whether or not you think Brady in fact deserved the top rank for this past week. He certainly played well, especially given the fact he was missing Aaron Dobson, Kenbrell Thompkins, and most significantly, Rob Gronkowski. But he got no help from his defense or kicker, and was unable to connect on a number of throws to the endzone in the game's final minute.

If the Patriots are going to contend for a championship this season, Brady will have to be near perfect from here on in.