Two Reliant Stadium security guards fired after pictures with Tom Brady become public

After Sunday's matchup between the Texans and Patriots, Joel Williams, a security guard at Reliant Stadium, posed for a picture with Tom Brady. Brady then took a picture with another security guard, Christopher Moore, before leaving the stadium. Williams claims that immediately after taking the picture, he was approached by a supervisor and fired, along with Moore. Williams says this was not the first time he has taken pictures with players from the opposing team, and it has never been a problem before.

I wasn't threatening anybody. The sideline experience was over the game was over. I was just really congratulating the winning team. There have been times before when I've taken pictures with other people that weren't Tom Brady, or winners, somebody who just defeated the Texans, it was perfectly okay. Read more:

Now this seems a bit ridiculous to me. Firing someone over a picture is a bit extreme. It would be one thing if this were on the field and the security guards were neglecting their duties, but this is not the case. If I worked in any sort of sporting arena where I had access to players I would probably have done the same thing.

Now, the company that runs security in Reliant Stadium claims that taking pictures with players is against company policy. That is fine. If that is the companies policy I'm sure they have their reasons. But if what Williams says is true, and it was not frowned upon by the company when he took pictures with players in the past, then their decision to fire him is unjust.

Even if the security company had not known about the past pictures, couldn't they have just let these guys off with warnings? Taking away someone's livelihood over a picture seems a bit excessive.

Of course, Williams and Moore could have had histories of insubordination, there is no way for us to know that. But to me, this smells like an organization that was frustrated after losing their 10th straight game, and chose to take it out on 2 regular guys who have nothing to do with the Texans performance on the field.


 -Ryan Cereola